Currrent Teaching

  • Present

    ECE 5664 Cellular Radio and Personal Communications

    Fundamental theory and design of high capacity wireless communications systems. Topics include trunking, propagation, frequency reuse, modulation, coding, and equalization. For more information on this course, the prerequisites, or to register for this course, please visit the ECE Course Syllabus

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    ECE 5674 Software Radios: Modern Radio Engineering

    An introduction to software radios, devices that can be programmed to work with a variety of different radios. The course will cover the following topics: software radio architectures, existing software radio efforts, a review of basic principles, an analysis of receiver operation.More information on this course and prerequisite requirements are available at ECE Course Syllabus

Committees and Public Service

  • 2015 2015

    IEEE Conference on Telecommunications and Photonics

    This is the first ever IEEE conference focusing on telecomunications and photonics, held December 26 -28,2015 in Bangladesh.

  • 2012 2011

    President's Council of Advisors in Science and Technology

    This is a working group of scientists that advise the federal government of transitioning federal spectrum for commercial use and economic growth.

  • Present 2012

    Army Research Office Board of Visitors

    Holding place for brief description

  • Present 2012

    Idaho National Labs Advisory Board

    NSF Workshop to create the EARS program.

  • 2012

    IEEE Fellows Evaluation Committee for Computer Science

    Holding place for brief description.

  • 2009 2008

    US Dept. of Commerce Committee

    Federal Advisory Committee Appointed by the Secretary of Commerce To examine EARS Regulations. Current EARS regulations represent a major challenge to US industry and academia for engaging international personnel in research and this committee addressed this challenge.

  • 2009 2008

    SDR Forum and Object Management Group of Smart Antenna API Standardization

    Holding place for short description.

  • 2008

    Co-Leader, NSF Workshop on SDR

    Holding place for short description.

  • 2007


    Served as a panel member to identify and create new programs for DARPA to support NSA. The program helped define a new program in bio-mimesis, the imitation of living organisms through electronics and mechanics.

University Professional Service, Current & Past:

  • Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society
  • Founding Director, Wireless @ Virginia Tech
  • Founding Director, Ted and Karyn Hume Center
  • Participation within the Center for Wireless Telecommunications (CWT)
  • Department Computing Committee
  • Faculty Advisor to the Honor System
  • Faculty Advisory Committee, Information Technology for VT
  • EE Graduate Administrative Committee (Grad AdCom)
  • Communications Area Committee
  • US Student Recruitment Strategy Task Force
  • Course supervisor of ECPE 5674 and ECPE 4654
  • ECE Department Head Search Committee
  • ECE Executive Committee
  • ECE Resource Committee
  • Deputy Director, MPRG
  • ECE Recruiting Committee